About Us


LCQC is a nonprofit organization that helps impoverished children in different areas of Trujillo: Alto Trujillo and Salaverry. Our main goal is to develop self-esteem in children through different methods and workshops and cultural exchanges. LCQC also runs the school reinforcement program, the English teaching program, Physical education, artist workshops and  micro-projects with low-income Families.

LCQC was founded in 2013. We decided to start this ambitious project when we realized that large groups of children from different parts of Trujillo had very low self-esteem which "has detrimental long term effects on development".:

  • Low self-confidence
  • Lack of participation and engagement in school
  • Increased chance of becoming involved in drugs and crime
  • Increased chance of anxiety and depression

In our organization there are no levels between children and volunteers. Our families, children and volunteers work in the same horizontal line in order to accomplish our goals.

La Comunidad que Construimos is a registered Peruvian non-profit NGO (no. 20559969461) and is based in Trujillo on the coast of Northern Peru.