Our Team

Meet Our Team

Juan Starky Castillo Morales

CEO and Co-founder

Juan is a Peruvian systems engineer with degrees in Supply Chain-Management, Public Management and Administration. He has also attended two courses of ICT for Administrative Management, SIGA and SIAF. Juan been involved in non-profit work for over ten years. He is the CEO and co-founder of La Comunidad que Construimos (LCQC). In addition to his work with LCQC Juan is currently working for the Ministry of Education of Peru.

Soledad Alva Alva


Soledad is an English teacher and a co-founder of La Comunidad que Construimos (LCQC). She is an experienced professional in child development and education.

Jacquelin Tancredi

Program Director

Jacquelin Tancredi works as the Program Director and originally from the USA. She has a bachelor's degree in Architecture and is pursuing her Masters in International Relations in Development and Health. For the past five years she has worked using pedagogy as a tool for community development to alleviate poverty throughout Latin America. Using a combination of infrastructure projects and educational workshops she is trying to empower individuals to seek out their personal goals and reach their highest potential with her passion to teach the importance of human connection and happiness.