"I chose to volunteer with La Comunidad Que Construimos with a friend after we decided to extend our stay in Peru whilst travelling. We wanted to get involved with a community and give our time working with and inspiring children. We loved the programme and all the activities involved, and we were even able to practice and improve our Spanish language skills! I hope the programme continues and grows to be as enjoyable and empowering for both children and future volunteers as it was for me."

Hollie Price

"La Comunidad que Construimos is an organization with a humanitarian sense. I am Edu Morales and I am studying education to become an English teacher, my experience with this organization has been wonderful. I have worked with children not only teaching English, but I have also created activities in which they can develop their self-esteem. Working with La Comunidad que Construimos is helping me to be prepared to work with children when I finish my studies."

Jose Edu Morales

"I was travelling with a friend in Peru when we discovered La Comunidad Que Construimos. We both love and enjoy working with children and the programme seemed like the perfect way to spend our time, it was great to not only provide a safe and welcoming environment for the children but such an enriching experience for us as well. Although we were only there for a short time, I will always remember the work we did with La Comunidad Que Construimos and I hope it continues to grow and expand."

Esme Kemp

"Some of the greatest experiences in my life have involved working as a volunteer. I began to volunteer about eight years ago, and since then I have continued to enjoy helping people. La Comunidad que Construimos provides me with the opportunity to do something that I love. I am proud to be part of La Comunidad que Construimos."

Octavio Valverde

"My name is Kevin Rebaza and I always wanted to work in an ONG. When La Comunidad que Construimos needed my help I didn't hesitate to take part of it. Now I'm helping as a English teacher in a poor school and also, I am motivating to the children that they should love each other much and teach them english at the same time. I think It will be a good experience to work in this nice Organización."

Kevin Rebaza