Our History

We started our social project in 2013 because a large population of children and adolescents who reside in Trujillo live in conditions of poverty which dramatically affect their personal development, access to and quality of education. Other detrimental long-term effects are:

  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Low attendance in school
  • Increased chance of becoming involved in drugs and crime
  • Increased chance of developing mental disorders such as anxiety and depression


In 1996, the government of Peru passed education reforms that extended free and compulsory school education to all students aged between 5 and 16, known as educación básica (general stream) y técnico productiva (technical).
The school system is 12 years in duration:

  • 1 year of compulsory pre-school education (educación inicial), age 5
  • 6 years of primary school (educación primaria), age 6-11
  • 5 years of secondary school (educación secundaria), age 12-16

While public education is free, mandatory until the age of 16 and follows the national curriculum, the low quality of Peru's educational system remains a major concern. The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which analyses the performance of students in mathematics, reading literacy and science, indicated Peru as the worst performing country – out of 65 nations - in 2012. In 2015, it was ranked 7 in the bottom 10 countries. Main barriers towards high-quality education are poor infrastructure, inadequate learning materials, out-dated curricula, and a lack of well-trained teachers.
We invite you to read UNICEF’s executive summary about the Situation of Children in Peru in a wider context.


We work with the community of Alto Trujillo in one of their local primary schools. The teachers are unable to comply with the national curriculum for English – which is a compulsory subject – because they are not trained to teach a foreign language. Our volunteers provide invaluable support to the teaching team by giving English classes to 350 kids each week.

The children also greatly benefit from our efforts to advocate self-esteem after school, through our cultural exchange program. Our goal is to guide kids through their personal and interpersonal development, by promoting healthy emotional and social interactions, respect and confidence for the future.

La Comunidad que Construimos is a registered Peruvian non-profit NGO(no. 20559969461) and is based in Trujillo on the coast of Northern Peru.