"This was my first volunteering experience abroad and I can say it was amazing and really eye-opening. Volunteering with LCQC was a very good opportunity to learn how to teach children and create relationships with them. What I loved the most was to see the children happy because of our help. I had a really great time at school and with our group of volunteers. After this experience I'm sure I'll keep on volunteering all over the world and help people in need."

Claudia Toppo

"I had a great time in Trujillo with LCQC. I will never forget the team of volunteers and the people from Peru that I met who taught me the importance of helping and the importance of teamwork. The smiles and the hugs of the children at school when they saw me were the best reward I had received in my life. I felt that I was doing something great, even for such a short time. Personally, I hope the LCQC team will continue to reach their goals."

Matteo Mastromarchi

"As an Education student, this experience was one of the best I had! The kids are just amazing! It felt so good to be surrounded by them and to be doing something that really matter and that will help them. This experience really taught me a lot about myself and the facts of life. I totally recommend it!"

Agathe Rézé

"My time with LCQC was just amazing. Although I had never taught before, I felt super confident to stand in front of a class thanks to their training. I enjoyed my time with the kids so much. Every day they would surprise me positively with something they had learned or remembered. I also learned a lot from them and I am sure they learned a lot from me, too."

Saskia Gerstenberger