How you can help

We are always looking for passionate individuals to come and join our exciting team in Peru!

Our volunteer philosophy is different from most Western non-profits. While we operate with the help of international volunteers, we seek to create a space in which our Young Leaders, the Peruvian youth, and our volunteers are equal.

Both groups participate in a cultural intercambio, or exchange, by learning from one another. Our volunteers teach workshops with our Young Leaders, helping them to master new skills and abilities. In turn, our Young Leaders teach our volunteers all about the cultural richness that Peru has to offer – after all, they are the experts!
We strongly believe that by focusing on self-esteem, personal growth and empowerment we can help our Young Leaders build the confidence and positive self-image needed to take control of their own future, and to be the next generation of change-makers in their own communities.

In our organization, there are no levels between children and volunteers. Our families, children and volunteers work in the same horizontal line in order to reach our goals.